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Outhouse racing goes back about 50 or so years when some ice fishermen in the frozen North started chasing an outhouse (which was occupied) on a frozen lake and which the wind caught up and blew from its normal location.  The occupant immediately became the driver, even though he had no control.  When the gust of wind subsided, the chasers then became pushers and fun was had by all except the driver who became trapped when, somehow, a loop of rope became fastened around the outhouse.  Later, a second outhouse replete with captive “potty pilot” joined the first and even more fun was had by all (except, as in the first case, the driver). The sport took off and there are now more than 30 races held annually around the U.S.  Some have taken it one step further by powering the racers with all types of propelling devices including sails, jet engines, and complete snowmobile drive trains.  Maybe someday we will graduate to that illustrious position, but for now, ours will be people powered, as the purest form of OUTHOUSE RACING!

Mena will be having its second annual Outhouse Race in 2011 in conjunction with the Lum N Abner Festival June 4, 2011 on Ninth Street next to Janssen Park.  If you would like to participate you can download the rules and a registration form to the right.

 Outhouse Race Rules

Outhouse Registration

Video of 2010 Race


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