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There are many local and seasonal events well known to people from all areas of the country and all walks of life that take place in the Mena Polk County area.

Nature provides one of best known events during the fall.  The leaves turn rich shades of yellow, red, orange, and mixed with the still green of the pines presents some of the most breath taking scenes imaginable.  People come from hundreds of miles by car and tour buses to take in this wonder of nature.


The revived Lum N Abner Festival is held the first week end in June in conjunction with the Cruzin' the Ouachitas Car show in Janssen Park.

Another annual event is the Christian Motorcyclists Association's Changing of the Colors Rally held each year in nearby Hatfield Arkansas where their world headquarters is located.  This event is held in the month of October each year and usually consumes all of the local lodging facilities.

The Queen Wilhelmina Rod Run held each year in late August also draws a large number of people to the area both Street Rod owners and enthusiasts this also takes in a large number of available motel rooms and camping sites.

The Cruzin' the Ouachitas car show first held in October 2003 now held the  first week in June, has become another large attraction for people who want to show off their cars and those who like to see them.  This show is not limited to street rods but can include just about any car what ever it's age or model whether restored to original condition, modified, or just the way it is, as well as trucks and motorcycles.


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